Friday, July 5, 2013

How it works,,sharing videos while making money.

How it works
Half of ALL traffic online after 5pm is already being spent watching videos!

There are over 60 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every single minute of every single day... that means there is one hour of new video being added to YouTube every second.
In the time you've been reading the past few lines ... over 14 hours of new video has been added to YouTube!
More than 2 billion videos a day are being watched on YouTube alone.

Can you even imagine how much traffic that is?
In short, video on demand is the trend of the hour ... and it's predicted to get even bigger over the next few years.
The question is: How can YOU earn from the biggest trend of the hour?
We've launched UVioO (pronounced YouView) to allow individuals to profit.

How do I make money?

For a start, you can make money every time you share a video, This is a taste of the videos you can share.

and, we also pay you when the videos you have shared get watched! That is for thousands of views. Imagine posting a single video on your Facebook wall and being paid simply for having your friends watching that video!

The exciting part is that you aren't only paid on the videos that your friends watch. You can make money for as long as the videos you have shared spread out*. As you know, some videos propagate from one another for months reaching a vast range of people. You can earn indefinitely*. Every video you share that goes viral can bring you money for months passively*. Share videos that others will like to share and your income will grow exponentially.
Every video you share adds up and increases your revenue!

At some point, you'll have many videos spreading out, inviting people in!

Sharing is simple with UVioO. Every time you like a video, reach for the Share button under the video player or on your toolbar and simply select your favorite social network (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, ... ). 15 are listed. You can also use the link with your username embedded in it and share it everywhere on the web (groups, blogs, forums, websites, msn, email, etc).
That's it! It's as simple as that!
You are GUARANTEED to start earning!
There are 6 different ways to earn:

It’s completely free to start accumulating earnings through:

1. Paid Per Share
2. Paid Per View
3. Paid Per Connect (Per Free Member Sign Ups)
And, for those of you interested in making more money and faster, we also share our ad revenues with you when you:
4. Reach and Acquire Checkpoints
5. Acquire Gold Positions
6. Upgrade to Pro


(These are upgrades and assets that you can acquire to significantly increase your income.)
UVioO's Community
Use the menu at the top to look around. There's a lot to discover. UVioO is a lot of fun!

Click on '1000's of Apps' and you'll find out that UVioO is a large community and offers 1000's of FREE apps, utilities, games, music, videos, etc. . There are more apps available on UVioO than there are apps built for the iPhone and Blackberry combined.
Welcome to UVioO, presently one of the fastest growing websites worldwide!

Here's a pic to help you visualize how many people already visit UVioO every day:

With over 600 million Facebook members, 180 million people on Twitter, 100 million members on Linkedin, 80 million on MySpace and hundreds of thousands of new members joining social networking websites every day, sharing videos from one another, there's virtually no limit to how much money you can make.
You just can't go wrong when combining video sharing with social networking.

UVioO is right where the trend is right now. So your income grows really fast. There's a lot of money to be made in this industry and we're making it simple enough for you to start making money (If you've already clicked on the Share button, you've seen how easy it is, you've already started earning!).
Videos are viral. People share them from one another.
After sharing just a few videos, money comes in automatically, easily.
You'll see!

We'll notify you by email every time you make money! Prepare yourself to receive many emails confirming how much you've made. This will happen several times a day.
Starting just a few hours after posting a few videos, there will be amounts in the range of $0.08, $0.22, $0.48 coming in sporadically and $1s, $5s, $10s, as well as up to $20s being made available with simple actions.

Make sure to open and read each and every email because they will tell you how to quickly acquire extra rewards. You'll soon feel like you're playing some kind of game reaching Checkpoints and acquiring Gold Positions along the way!
It's a lot of fun where your goal is to make more money along the 4 maps!
And it all starts with sharing videos!

The first thing you need to do after signing up to start making money is to

1. Install your toolbar.
2. Edit your paycheck profile (tell us where you want us to send all your paychecks).
3. Share videos every day.
4. Come take a look at your earnings every day. Many times you'll need to take action to avoid losing a bonus that just came in. Most of the time, you have 24 hours to act! 


  1. It is amazing that you will be paid for sharing videos. Definitely this is the easiest way to earn money.

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