Thursday, November 29, 2012

Are you complete???

Sometime we forget that the only thing we need in life to make us happy is yourself. We pour all of our energy and time in to other people and into accumulating things in hopes that happiness will flow from them. Hoping that other people or the things will somehow complete us. This game that we play is a destructive one because we’re putting our own happiness into the hand of something outside of us that is fickle. In doing this, we imply that we lack the ability to nourish our own soul. When all you do is consume things to galvanize and feed your pain body, you will eventually consume yourself. There is another way…

I was reminded of this the other day when I revisited a movie I loved as a kid. “The Wiz” having the awareness now that I’m on a sacred spiritual path (we all are but not all realize it), I was heart wired to look for symbolism and meaning this time around. Notice I said “The Wiz” and not “The Wizard of OZ” Even though The Wizard of OZ played a big part of a lot of our child hood, as a African American child once The Wiz came out staring Diana Ross as Dorothy and Michael Jackson as scarecrow, it kind of took the place of The Wizard of OZ for the urban community.
In the movie Dorothy, a young girl from NY, is in search of a way to return home. Accompanied by her little companion Toto, she journeys through this mystical wonderland and recruits a few new friends along the way. Now what’s striking about all her new companions that join her on her quest at their own volition is that they all lack something: scarecrow lacks a brain, lion lacks courage and tin man lacks emotion. Towards the end of the movie they’re all given meaningless tokens that are supposed to represent the things that were already part of them.

You see, we often treat happiness like its some elusive treasure, forgetting that happiness is who we are, it’s what we’re made of, and it’s encoded in our brains. In order to truly be happy, we must return to the mystic center of home like Dorothy. We must return home to ourselves. Because we have all the answers we need inside of each one of us. The journey to OZ is about finding our own center and the living authentically from that center.

In doing so, we are rewarded with the greatest secret of all that is the knowledge of our inner strength and power, which every great hero is always challenged to call forth within himself. We all are spiritual alchemist able to transmute all of our experiences into whatever we want to. Remember, you are already complete. There’s nothing missing within you. There’s nothing you need to do but to go share your completeness with other