Friday, April 29, 2016

Average people are succeeding with IDlife

By now you have either joined my team, became a customer, or are still wondering
if IDlife is right for you. I am building my team and becoming healthier and healthier with idlife every day.  If you are sick of all the garbage on the Net, with all the false claims and promises, then IDlife will be a breath of fresh air to you.

The problem with most programs, they just don’t work for the average
person. The only people who succeed are the marketing pros and if you are new to the Net, new to Internet Marketing or computer challenged, you don’t stand a chance with 99% of these programs.

IDlife has been working for many, many people and I have not experienced anything like it since I been in the marketing field. whether you are new to marketing and want to make some extra money or you just want to become healthier IDlife  can help you reach your goal. 

Now, that isn’t to say all you have to do is join and watch the money
roll-in. It does take effort on your part, but you will be amazed how
simple IDlife can be because the products sell their selves. These are some of the facts that have been working for me since I been involved with IDlife

1. I have found the products that work for me.

2. The IDnutritional supplements are customized based upon answers you place in a HIPAA compliant online survey

3. Idlife products are derived from the highest quality of ingredients

4. IDLife has some of the best leaders and teachers I ever come across!

5. The compensation plan is the best I have ever seen.

6. Average people like me are succeeding unlike so many other biz opps!

This video touches on our main product IDnutrition

This is your chance to finally get involved with a real company with real products that work. There are many reports of People getting healthy and making huge incomes.

For me, the joy of seeing my team members succeed and become healthier is the
ultimate reward. There is a very big chance that IDlife can help you achieve the same results.
If you still need more information – after doing your research…
then contact me – 3216969223


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Why Is Dieting So Difficult?

We all know that exercise is important for overall health and weight loss. The formula is simple: Eat less calories and exercise more. So what makes losing weight such a difficult task?
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there is tremendous variation in an individual’s response to fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. Plus, a number of biological and genetic factors are involved in determining how much food is too much for any individual.
Science is also starting to reveal some distressing news about the weight-reduced body. It appears that a dieter’s body is metabolically different—in a negative way—than a similar-size body that has not dieted.

(Important fact to know) Changes that occur after weight loss can translate to a huge caloric disadvantage of 250 to 400 calories. In one study, muscle biopsies taken before, during, and after weight loss showed that in some people, muscle fibers undergo a transformation which makes them burn 20 to 25 percent fewer calories during everyday activity and moderate aerobic exercise than those of a person who is naturally at the same weight. In other words, it’s possible that the person who is naturally at the same weight as a dieter can actually eat more and still retain his weight.
Dieters not only have to exert tremendous will power to avoid fattening foods, but they also have to work harder to burn calories. No wonder so many throw in the towel!

One thing to know is if your putting the proper nutrients in your body your body will do what it was designed to do.  Getting started with IDlife nutrition might be the most important decision you could make today. Get started now.

Until science comes up with more solutions to our weight-loss woes, watch what you eat take your supplements, and always be vigilant about exercise. “Weight is a multi-factor, complicated issue,” says DiPino.  ”Science is on the right track but, all the parts have yet to come together. ”

Monday, April 25, 2016

Fear of the unknown stops a lot of new affiliates in their tracks.

Regardless of being a new marketer with your first home business or being a seasoned pro adding additional income or changing programs, we all go through a massive learning curve. The first few days are fun and exciting as you read through product details, take video, webinars, or group call training, and your sponsor is sharing all sorts of new information to help you get started. We get fired up and ready to roll and then……. Many sputter, stumble, and stutter.
That first moment the training wheels come off and it’s time to get to work in any business can be very scary. Fact is the fear of the unknown stops a lot of new affiliates in their tracks. They are afraid they didn’t read the materials correctly, scared to discuss the opportunity, unsure about how to approach people. If you haven’t entered a business you are a passionate customer of,  you may even have trust issues with putting your reputation out there. Don’t worry, every affiliate before you has had these feelings. Instead make a plan and stick to it, and remind yourself this is a JOB, and REAL WORK. Being involved with a opportunity like IDlife takes a lot of that fear from you. The products sell itself. We have the best products in the health and wellness industry. IDLife products are derived from the highest quality ingredients

It’s funny how many people handle sales or meetings, calls etc.. for companies in their 9-5 life who suddenly when it was online and for them, they got scared and couldn’t do those same task. The mindset you need is the same mindset you use working for anyone. This is a job duty, I must do it, and failure is not an option because if I don’t do it I will not be working here very long. Sure, you’re your own boss but you are also your only employee.

The best advice I can give you is when fear opens it’s mouth shut it with determination. Buckle down
and just do it. Eventually those fears get easier to ignore and your business will start to hum along.


We hear a lot about how important it is to get and stay motivated if we want to be successful. Important as it is, no one feels motivated all the time. Sometimes it may feel like we can’t get inspired at all, while other times our inspiration comes, but only for a fleeting moment. What are we supposed to do when we’re feeling down, tired, stressed out, or like even the bare minimum is asking too much? Motivation can be a bit of a catch-22; we need it to feel better, but we need to feel better to get it. The fact is that if we want to reach our goals and feel successful, we can’t wait around for motivation to happen, we have to create it-but how? First, we need to know that being motivated doesn’t necessarily mean we’re 100% psyched to get up and get to the gym, that we jump out of bed every morning eager to get to work, or that we make breakfast for our families with a big, happy smile on our faces. It does mean that whatever we’re feeling, we keep in mind how important these things really are in the bigger picture and commit to doing them, even when we’re missing the spark of inspiration.

The Two Wolves
One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all.

“One is Bad. It is anger, envy,jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

“The other is Good. it is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute, and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.”

Everyone comes up against unexpected obstacles and setbacks along the way to achieving their goals. These bumps in the road are a natural part of our growth and progress. Our track record already proves that we are capable of overcoming obstacles, and even using them to our advantage. By honoring our hard work, giving ourselves room to make mistakes, and utilizing our support system and self-support, we can work
through any challenges that arise and come through them with an even greater sense of determination. We can look at every challenge we face as an opportunity to become more conscious of our choices and the effect they are having on our lives.

Take the assessment now and start feeding the right wolf.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Motivation is needed on a regular basis to stay focused.

Another great motivation video from E.T Eric Thomas. I love listening to this guy. When ever I’m feeling down and out or like things are not going fast enough for me or the way I would like for them to go I listen to this guy. He gets me motivated enough to keep pushing, keep trying and staying focused. I have listened to a lot of motivational speakers and I like E.T the best because he puts so much energy into his speeches. It just gets you pumped.
If it was easy, everybody would do it.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Don't work all your life for someone else for nothing. Work for the rest of your life for your self for your freedom.

Do you really understand what it means to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe?

Imagine this, most of us have worked all our life and still are struggling and complaining, but in all that complaining you still get up every morning with all your energy and faith to go to work only to find that when you get paid at the end of the week, you still have problems paying your rent or light bill. But you still do what you had to do.

This video is a perfect analogy of the energy that you have to put into working for the next person all your life, and now you need to switch focus and put that same energy it takes in place to work for yourself.  Eric Thomas breaks down the meaning of his previous statement “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breath” Listen closely.

Imagine guys if you put that much energy into running your own business! you’ve worked all your lives for basically nothing, so imagine if you put that same energy into just a year or two of your whole life’s energy of working for a job that paid you scraps every week to working for yourself.. I put a lot of energy in running my business everyday knowing and believing that I will be successful. And I promise you at the end of a two year run, I will be making more on a month to month basis, then most of you make at your life time jobs on a year to year basis. If you rather put your energy in working for someone else all your life for nothing then to put that energy into taking the opportunity to make your own money, Something is wrong with that picture.

I have already input this mindset to work for me. But after being involved with IDlife and listening to all of the awesome leaders and top earners of IDlife there is no question in my mind that I will never work for scraps again. I will do what ever it takes to continue to work for myself and make my own money. IDlife is making this happen for me. Right now I get paid every week and my income is climbing day by day. I have made IDlife my home.

People Don’t work all your life for someone else for nothing. Work for the rest of your life for your self for your freedom.

Join the Movement, The IDlife Team and become Healthier, Wealthier and Wiser.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Benefits of owning your own home-based business!

In these trying times, what can we do to get ahead in life? Forget the traditional answers like “get a good job”. The days of working 40 years for a large corporation and retiring on a nice pension are history. Starting your own small business, such as a retail store or a restaurant, is even worse. Eighty percent of all new businesses fail within five years – most within two years. Franchises are not the answer either. The average cost to get into a franchised business is $185,000. Even then, for a number of years, you end up working for minimum wages, selling products or services to strangers. Starting a home based business in Network Marketing is the way to go these days.

Some of the benefits of owning your own home-based business!

1. Financial Freedom and Security!
2. Legitimate Income Tax deductions!
3. More Time to spend with Family and Friends!
4. No Boss!
5. True Residual Income!
6. Retire in luxury and comfort, not on a social security pension that may not be there.
7. Work with people you like, not people you have to!
8. Own the Dream Home and/or Dream Car you have always wanted!

I hope you will make the decision to take control of your life. By joining or the IDlife team you will have the opportunity to be among the many who are earning a substantial income in Network Marketing and Direct Sales today. Also by using the awesome products you will be on your way to becoming healthier, Wealthier and Wise. Our true success will come by helping others build their dreams my becoming healthier and Wealthier. Let IDlife help you begin to build your dreams today!

Below is a great video on the claim that most people fail at network marketing. I think you will find this video to be a clear explanation on what kind of people are really making this claim.

So Join the IDlife movement and start on your way to a great Marketing success and health change.

Join the Movement

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

IDlife,,The Best Health and Wellness Movement, EVER

So I been debating to talk about this today or not. I am speaking of the progress I have been making in business since I been with IDlife. I have talked about my progress before financially and physically with IDlife. It has not been easy but satisfying and I still have a long way to go. Again I was not going to talk about this again until I started making like 5000 to 10,000 a month. Also because of the fact that its hard to reach some people because of their skepticism. But from the progress I have been making I just feel propelled to share some again.

Before I stared with IDlife I have never made money online not once. I was involved in a number of companies that gave me the false perception that I was making money because in my back office it said I made this and that. But I was never able to see any of it. I still have money in the back office of some of these companies but every time I try to withdraw I get another excuse to why I cant withdraw my money. 

IDlife has been the best thing that has happen to me in the network marketing world. Like I said I never made any money online before this company. I have been able to pay bills, buy groceries, pay for advertising, and more with the money I have made. Although my income has not yet made it up into the thousands yet, I know that will take time and consistency. It just feels good to be able to make money from home and not have to work my ass off for someone making them rich while I’m deprived of progress and recognition. I know as long as I stay with IDlife I will soon be making the money that I'm looking for. Also IDlife has allowed my wife and I to lose a pretty significant amount of weight because we are a product of the product. My wife has lost over 25 pounds without extra activity in a little over 5 months on our main product, IDnutrition

I also have been able to maintain good weight lost, energy, and pretty good muscle growth from being active in the gym. 

Listen to other testimonies of successful IDlife members. IDlife have changed members lives.

People I’m telling you now if your looking for a business to get into to assure you will see some money and get healthy at the same time from our awesome wonderful derived from all natural ingredients products, Join IDlife you will not regret it.

Contact me for any information you need on the company or how to get started.

Maurice Williams
IDlife Independent Director

To all the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct-Sales haters/ignorance

To all the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct-Sales haters/ignorance: Know this, Ever since this business model started to develop in the 50′s with pioneer companies like Amway Shaklee and AVON, Melealeuca, Agel, Herbalife and Mary Kay continuing with the evolution it had steadily grown for the last 20yrs with actual growth of 91% in the last decade. Today, Network Marketing industry spans the globe in over 100 countries with over $120 billion dollars in sales each year (over $30 billion in US alone). It makes you wonder why Warren Buffet, and companies like Virgin, Remington Industries, Sara Lee, Time Warner are buying direct sales companies??? In fact, Buffet’s Berkshire Hataway holding company owns three direct sales companies. And Buffet said: “Dollar for dollar, its the best investment I’ve ever made”. Fortune magazine calls the Network Marketing industry “The best kept secret in the business world”.

Please take a look at IDlife not only to better your health but to get involved in a direct sales company that can change your life.
Warren Buffet on his involvement in network marketing. Warren Buffet stated that buying his first network marketing company and getting involved in an industry that helps and impacts so many people as “the best investment decision I ever made”. Buffet has subsequently bought several other network marketing companies.

 Here is interesting fact: in the 50′s – 60′s When franchising industry was introduced in the US most people could not get “Why would I have to pay someone to run my business under their name”… people used to say it was a rip off. Over the next 5 decades franchising had grown and proven to be a very legit form of doing business. And today, same thing is happening with Network Marketing industry. People still say that its a rip off but looking at what is going on in today’s world I guarantee it that in next 10-15 yrs if you wont be building residual income with Network Marketing company you won’t even be cool. Many Americans are making this statement already but soon you will hear these statements more and more: “I’m a banker but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m an accountant but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m a doctor but I also do Network Marketing”, “Im a politician but I also do Network Marketing”… don’t believe it?… just wait.

Join the IDlife movement with me.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Corporate Health and Wellness

IDlife has one of the best health and wellness programs ever. If you have a company that has been looking to get into a health and wellness program, please take a look at IDlife for your health and wellness needs.

Great video on idlife, The movement is growing every day. Http://