Wednesday, April 20, 2016

To all the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct-Sales haters/ignorance

To all the MLM, Network Marketing, Direct-Sales haters/ignorance: Know this, Ever since this business model started to develop in the 50′s with pioneer companies like Amway Shaklee and AVON, Melealeuca, Agel, Herbalife and Mary Kay continuing with the evolution it had steadily grown for the last 20yrs with actual growth of 91% in the last decade. Today, Network Marketing industry spans the globe in over 100 countries with over $120 billion dollars in sales each year (over $30 billion in US alone). It makes you wonder why Warren Buffet, and companies like Virgin, Remington Industries, Sara Lee, Time Warner are buying direct sales companies??? In fact, Buffet’s Berkshire Hataway holding company owns three direct sales companies. And Buffet said: “Dollar for dollar, its the best investment I’ve ever made”. Fortune magazine calls the Network Marketing industry “The best kept secret in the business world”.

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Warren Buffet on his involvement in network marketing. Warren Buffet stated that buying his first network marketing company and getting involved in an industry that helps and impacts so many people as “the best investment decision I ever made”. Buffet has subsequently bought several other network marketing companies.

 Here is interesting fact: in the 50′s – 60′s When franchising industry was introduced in the US most people could not get “Why would I have to pay someone to run my business under their name”… people used to say it was a rip off. Over the next 5 decades franchising had grown and proven to be a very legit form of doing business. And today, same thing is happening with Network Marketing industry. People still say that its a rip off but looking at what is going on in today’s world I guarantee it that in next 10-15 yrs if you wont be building residual income with Network Marketing company you won’t even be cool. Many Americans are making this statement already but soon you will hear these statements more and more: “I’m a banker but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m an accountant but I also do Network Marketing”, “I’m a doctor but I also do Network Marketing”, “Im a politician but I also do Network Marketing”… don’t believe it?… just wait.

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