Monday, April 25, 2016

Fear of the unknown stops a lot of new affiliates in their tracks.

Regardless of being a new marketer with your first home business or being a seasoned pro adding additional income or changing programs, we all go through a massive learning curve. The first few days are fun and exciting as you read through product details, take video, webinars, or group call training, and your sponsor is sharing all sorts of new information to help you get started. We get fired up and ready to roll and then……. Many sputter, stumble, and stutter.
That first moment the training wheels come off and it’s time to get to work in any business can be very scary. Fact is the fear of the unknown stops a lot of new affiliates in their tracks. They are afraid they didn’t read the materials correctly, scared to discuss the opportunity, unsure about how to approach people. If you haven’t entered a business you are a passionate customer of,  you may even have trust issues with putting your reputation out there. Don’t worry, every affiliate before you has had these feelings. Instead make a plan and stick to it, and remind yourself this is a JOB, and REAL WORK. Being involved with a opportunity like IDlife takes a lot of that fear from you. The products sell itself. We have the best products in the health and wellness industry. IDLife products are derived from the highest quality ingredients

It’s funny how many people handle sales or meetings, calls etc.. for companies in their 9-5 life who suddenly when it was online and for them, they got scared and couldn’t do those same task. The mindset you need is the same mindset you use working for anyone. This is a job duty, I must do it, and failure is not an option because if I don’t do it I will not be working here very long. Sure, you’re your own boss but you are also your only employee.

The best advice I can give you is when fear opens it’s mouth shut it with determination. Buckle down
and just do it. Eventually those fears get easier to ignore and your business will start to hum along.

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