Tuesday, April 8, 2014


OK people our company Enviralizer is growing more and more each day. We have some very big things happening in the company and now is the perfect time to get started. You can still get started for free, you can buy stock in the company and there are about 4+ different ways you can make money and that's as a free member. Now is the perfect time and you will see why after reading this note from our CEO Wayne Hicks. 
Several things, most of them personal family problems of my own, piled up to prevent us going to the resort yesterday as planned, so we're going tomorrow. right now it's looking very good for making the arrangements I'm hoping for, which will result in actually putting our headquarters there. That would include our Recording and Video Studios as well as office space.

It will also allow the construction of an outdoor set that will be a recreation of Camelot as depicted in my novel The Other Side of the Mirror, and this will actually be used as part of the resort, where people can stay and even be used as extras in the filming. The Other Side of the Mirror will be a web TV series for the next eight years, and everyone who has read it can attest that it will most likely become a popular one. since it can ONLY be seen on Enviralife.com or on DVD's we sell, this will help make the site even more popular!

I'm working on getting a shell company, so that our stock can be traded on the OTC boards, and I've got a few different prospects.

Kathy is currently running the Snap Traffic program, but will be handing it over to Maurice Williams once she's got it all set up and running smoothly. She asks that anyone interested in getting in on it let her know and sign up! It seems this is going to be a very popular program, and is getting a lot of attention, so it's likely to make a big difference for those of you who participate. ten seconds gets you ten credits on Enviralife... that's not bad, eh?

So don't waste any more time, get in now and become part of this team. you will see you wont regret it when you are part of one of the biggest Marketing companies on the net.


Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Enviralife Dream, From CEO Wayne Hicks.

What does it mean to have a dream? 

Well, for me it means accomplishing something that I consider worthwhile, something that benefits the world around me. And for the past several years, that dream has been to create a place online where the average person can enjoy themselves, meet people and hang out with friends, do most of the things they might normally go online to do all in one place, and even find ways to help them make ends meet.


Enviralife.com is the beginning of the realization of that dream, and so I wanted to take a few minutes to share the Vision behind it with you, to give you a glimpse into what I perceive to be the future. Are you ready? Then come on, let me give you a tour of what I hope will be more than just a Virtual World.

My original dream involved giving people a way to make a little money with the things they normally do online, and it dawned on me early that Social Media is well suited to this purpose. Every moment that a person spends on a website of this kind, they are presented with advertisements, attempts to draw their attention away from what they're doing and onto whatever it is the advertiser is trying to sell them. We're all accustomed to this, and the fact is that those ads are what make the websites possible; the money that the website makes from them is what pays for the servers, the staff, and the programmers who create all the features that are offered on the site.

A large social media website makes a lot of money. Look at the most famous of all, Facebook; according to some studies, Facebook users spend so much time there that the company makes as much as several dollars per day for each active user on the site. That being the case, it occurred to me that if there were a site that could offer its users the chance to do most of their online things within its pages, that website would make a lot of money.


Now suppose that website were to make it possible for some of that revenue to be returned to the very users who cause it to be earned in the first place? Not necessarily as cash money, but perhaps in the form of points that can be used within the site to buy things the user needs or wants? And what if some of those things could actually be used out in the Real World, as well?

I envision a system that i have been able to implement on the site that will allow advertisers to offer coupons or gift certificates in exchange for those points, simple tickets that can be printed out by each user and taken to that advertiser's local store and exchanged for goods or services. The ticket will include a QR code that will cause it to be used only once, so that no one can cheat and print out lots of copies, and the money saved will make it quite a blessing to the average person, don't you think? If the points you earn for spending your social network hours on our site makes it possible for you to buy lunch, or a few gallons of gas, or get a deep discount on something you need to buy, then those points have improved your life to some degree, and the time that might normally be considered wasted in frivolous enjoyment is now at least somewhat productive.

Enviralife's credits system does just that. It means that you can spend your online time socializing with friends and playing games and listening to music and doing all the myriad things you normally do on social sites, but you're not wasting that time; you're being productive at the same time you're doing the things you've been doing without any hope of productivity at all


Imagine what it would mean if all your friends were on the site with you, so that you didn't need to go to other sites where your time is only wasted. You'd be earning credits the whole time you were hanging out and having fun... and so would they!
So there's the first part of the dream, to make a site where your time is no longer wasted. We've got that one started; now, as we grow, the advertisers will get on board, as well. And even now, when you have enough points, you can convert them to cash through our Partnership with Paypal, and since our Enviralife Market allows any Member to sell their own goods or services in exchange for those credits, so there is already serious potential to increase their earnings and income.

Enviralife credits are not “money” in any legal sense of the word, and yet it is likely that as we grow, they may become an accepted medium of exchange for a wide variety of people and businesses. This will only result in the further growth of the website and the company's value, both financially and to the world and its members.

Off To Market

The Enviralife Market is comprised of two different ways to sell: for credits, or cash through Paypal. The payment goes straight to the seller, and all it costs to place an item or a service is a couple of credits. No commission on your sales, no other fees; any profits are yours to keep.

There is also a Classifieds Ad mode, so you can list any item at all, and even provide a map to show where it's located. You can sell a car, a pair of jeans, a book, anything at all! And you can choose whether you want cash or credits to use on the site. Since every Member is constantly earning credits, and credits you receive can be used in turn to buy things you want or need, it's about as good as having money! And if you just have to turn them into cash, you can do that, too!

This is the way societies have done business for millennia, by creating a Marketplace where they could buy and sell their goods and services. This is just one of the ways in which Enviralife.com takes a step towards another part of the Dream.

Enviralife.com is also involved in Digital Publishing. Authors, Musical Artists and Bands, Software Publishers and others who produce Digital Works can put their work in our Digital Stores for sale, and we'll set them up for instant download delivery. We charge a very small commission that covers our costs for hosting the downloads and maintaining the stores.

Members can add additional pages to their profiles, allowing them to create what amounts to a nearly complete website. These pages can be used to describe products and services, showcase talents, or for any other lawful purpose. What this means is that, with the ability to promote your pages freely to all of our Membership, Members can save the cost of having an external website to market themselves and their services or products.

Members can place ads on the site to promote their marketable products and services. The fee is much less expensive than any other form of online advertising, and the ads are rotated so that ever Member will see them. The more we grow, the more beneficial these ads will become.

Our Media Offerings

We're already making progress with our Internet Radio Network, especially since we're now signing Artists who are coming on exclusively with us, and we're only just beginning! Our goal is to gain Artists from every genre of music and offer our members some exciting new talent to listen to and enjoy.
Towards that end, we're building in some new features that will allow our Members to rate the music and programming they hear, and those ratings will determine several things:
1. Credits. Each rating point given on a song or program will award them a credit, so the higher the ratings, the more credits the artists will earn.
2. Internal Promotion. A high rating will result in our promotion throughout the site of a particular artist.
3. External Promotion. Each year, we'll be taking the highest-rated artists under our wing to help make them even bigger, with professional recording and production services, outside promotions and appearances, and a group concert tour of the US.
Artists who sign on with Enviralife.com keep all rights to their works. We will profit from their presence on our radio ad website, and if they're selected for the special services and promotions listed above, then we'll profit from music sales and the appearances and concerts we arrange, sharing those profits generously with the artists involved.

Movies and TV

Arrangements are already being made to produce Movies and TV Series to be shown only within our website. All of the talent involved, including actors, film crew, musical score composers and sound track artists, will come from within our Membership, using online Auditions that will be rated by Members. The highest rated candidates will be brought in to our soon-to-be-established Headquarters for final auditions and casting selections, and we'll even be showing our Members the behind-the-scenes activities as the movies and programs are being taken from idea to screen!
One of the programs we'll be producing will be a reality-show format called “Enviralife Star Camp,” in which a number of kids ranging from 6 to 16 will be selected and brought to a central location for an intense 6-8 week “boot camp” for the performing arts. They'll be taught and coached in singing, dancing and acting, and then that training will be put to work, as we produce and film a feature-length movie starring our Star Campers! Plans for the first Star Camp will put them into a special Christmas Story that is sure to warm a lot of hearts this year. The movie will be broadcast on our website throughout November and December of 2014.

Talent and Beauty Competitions

We'll be launching our own Talent and Beauty Competitions later this year, with an eye toward drawing those who have something worthy to offer to the world. Talent competition winners will receive prizes and promotion with our Media Department, while pageant winners will become our Ambassadors to the world.
The goal of our Media Department is to bring quality entertainment to our Membership, which will naturally cause them to spend even more time on the website, earning money for the Company and credits for themselves, while at the same time creating our own Celebrities. In so doing, it is our intent to not only make stars of our in-house talent, but also to treat them fairly and professionally and try to protect them from the pressures that celebrity status can bring to bear in other venues.

Kids and Family

Enviralife.com is geared towards Family, and will always strive to provide entertainment, services and information that will be of benefit to the family. One of those benefits will come soon in the form of a Children's Section, where even younger children can enjoy games and programming that is wholesome and enjoyable.

While it may be impossible to always guarantee the safety of children online, this department will employ Monitors who will undergo background checks, to watch over the kids while they're online. The monitors will have the ability to view even the private messages of children on the site, in order to watch for any attempts by predators to entice them into unlawful or unsafe activities or behaviors, and software to scan for words or actions that may indicate a dangerous situation. Some monitors will log on as children themselves, in order to present easy targets for predators, and will cooperate fully with law enforcement to identify and apprehend any that are found.

Another area I plan to enter is Education. As we grow, we'll develop an online tutoring section where kids can get help with their school lessons, and home-schoolers can even attend virtual classes. This department will grow until we can even offer assistance for higher education students, because the teachers and tutors will be rewarded with credits. College students, retirees and others will find it a productive and enjoyable way to supplement their income, and kids and other students will benefit from the availability of qualified tutors and instructors.

Business Associations

Enviralife.com is designed to allow Members to form Associations through which they can cooperate together in various ventures. Some of these Associations may include Professional groups, Retail Cooperatives and other such entities.
We're looking for strategic partnerships with both online and offline businesses, in order to bring more and more benefits and services to our members, and these Associations will often grow into or produce such partnerships.

Join our social site 

Thursday, March 6, 2014


I know alot of my family members and friends are in to music, and even if your not in my family I know there are lot of you out there that love music, performs it or know someone that does. Well you definiantly want to read the rest of this short blog post. This could be the very break you been looking for.

This program I have been involved with is doing something awesome. I knew when I started this program it would be something special. I have been making money every day since being involved with it. Click hear for more information on how to get started for free and start making money for free and keep making money for free.

The exciting information in this blog though is about our new social media site that we created. http://enviralife.com This is going to be big as facebook, if not bigger. So read the rest of the information below and all you who are involved in music get started now.


Enviralife.com is looking for Musicians, Artists, Bands etc. Do you write and record your own original music? Enviralife.com is a new social media site with its own internal entertainment networks, and we would love to promote you and your music. There is absolutely no cost to you, and in exchange for allowing us to add your music to our play stream, you'll be heard by people all over the world, and you will even be able to sell your music on the site.

This is strictly for promotional value and purposes only. This is also a competition, the Top Five music acts each year will be offered promotional and production services; and the opportunity to go on tour! This could be exactly the break you've been waiting for!

For more information, please contact our Media Manager, Katherine McCullers at media@enviralife.com

For the rest of you who are reading this and would just like to get involved with this new social site simply join for free and enjoy all the benefits of being a part of this awesome Enviralife family. you will not regret the decision. God Bless. 


Thursday, February 27, 2014


I know that if your in the business of making money online, weather it be a business or project, then you must be ready to take your business to the Viral Level. Well if this is you, then you have come to the right place because that's exactly what The Enviralizer does for you. 

Click Hear to see an explination on how The Enviralizer Can take you Viral.

Let me explain how this works. Once you become a member all you have to do on a day to day basis is log in to your account and view the post that the company post for us to review. After reviewing the post and getting your enjoyment out of it and seeing how the post can benefit you, simply start sharing the post on your Social Networks. Something you do all day and ever day anyway. Sharing post you love with your family and friends when you think about it can really take some time but its always fun and when you get done you simply sit back and see how many people will like and respond to your post. All you recieve is instent gradification, NO MONEY.

Well with the Enviralizer you do the same thing, share the company post to your Social Network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Stumbleupon, linkedin and many other sites and guess what?


The Enviralizer also has a program called:  The Viral Blast Service where you write a blog post about you or your product, and our Members share it. People who see it on their Timelines and feeds click the links and come to read that post, and all we charge you is ten cents for each unique page view, with discounts for larger Campaigns. That’s less than you’ll pay for any click on a Google or Facebook ad… and each time our Members post that link, that many more people are going to click it, because they’re going to
start to feel that it’s something familiar, something they know… and a simple fact of human nature is that we’re all drawn to what we know.

I believe this is one of the easiest ways I have made money on the net to this day. I have been in a lot of programs and made money hear and there, Most of them you have to depend on your downline to make money. The money is made on their efforts. Well with this program all the money you make is made from your efforts alone. You can even join this program for FREE and still make money from your own efforts. You never have to pay a dime to start making money and keep making money. Of course there is an affiliate program where you can make more money by your referrals but again, if your referrals do nothing you still can make money.  This is a no brainer people and if your into making money on the internet and dont give this one a try then your having some serious mental issues. lol,,

So lets give a try, Get started right now for FREE by clicking the image below. See you on the inside.

Work with Me


Sunday, February 16, 2014


This is my short review on the new program I just started not long ago. I did a little promoting and sharing for about a good month before I decided to do this review just to see how the program would go and to see if my first payment would be completed without delay or issues. Well everything worked out to be great.

The program is called the Enviralizer. Run by Wayne Hicks who makes himself readily available trough the programs FB Group page. Its a program that allows you to share some interesting and important post that the company itself give you on social media sites like Facebook, twitter, Google+ Stumbled Upon and many more. This program works great. I have been sharing and posting on many media sites like I said for a little over a month and the pay has been rolling in everyday.

click on this link and see the video that will explain much more. http://enviralizer.com/mwill321..

There are a couple of other ways to make money which I think are exciting and fun. First you can give reviews on short ebooks and even novels. If your like me, I love to read. It sharpens my intellect and opens my imagination witch I love becomes it can take me away from the troubles and stresses of the world sometime. Getting paid to do that to me is just a bonus.You can also become a stock holder in the company. This is always good when being apart of an organization. One has the potential of becoming very rich by owning stocks in any company. The bigger the company grows the more your stocks become worth.

Again, The main program is to simply log in and share the posts that are added to the website by copying the link at the bottom of the page and pasting it into your Social Media sites! And everyone who clicks on the link you post will cause 5 cents to be credited to your account (but each person can only click each link once, so if they click it again, you won’t get credit for the second time)! And the best part is, this program is FREE to you! No one will ever have to pay a dime to be part of this program!

Although the program is free to join and you can make money just by being a free member and you never have to pay to make money, but if you would like to make more money you can become an Affiliate, referring others to join. This program costs $12.95 per month to become an affiliate, but as an Affiliate, you earn $1.50 for every person you refer as a Free member, and even more for those who go on to become Affiliates. You get 30% of the Affiliate Membership Fees they pay, 10% from their referrals, and 5% from theirs!

If you would like to give this program a try, join for free by clicking hear, after joining I will get your information and add you to our great FB group where you can get all the latest news about the program and get any question you would like answered. Also I am available any time day or night to answer questions to get you going. 

I would love to work with any of you helping eachother tawards our goals and financial freedom.

Maurice Williams

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Raised: $0.00
Goal: $15,000.00


I know its hard for people to donate to something that doesn't support a better cause or something they don't believe in, which is understandable but this is all iv been striving for in my life. its very important to me and you would be making a huge difference. support the dream :)

The follow your dreams thing is really important because so many people are railroaded into taking other paths by their family, their friends, people who should be supportive going, 'What are you talking about?' Even just seemingly regular career paths, but if it's not what people expect for you they kind of react funny.

find a dream and fight for it people. anything is possible if you truly want it.

 I'm a 25 year old actor who is and has been trying his hardest to get into film school. iv applied and been accepted into New York Film Academy and plan to attend the may 2014 acting program. although financial aid will cover most of my tuition you can assume the living expenses will make my move to California tough and that's been my delay for awhile now. unfortunately my family isn't able to help the way that they want to but if they could they absolutely would. at least some of them but that's beside the point. so I'm forced to chase my dream alone and do everything possible in my power to make it happen. I do work and have been doing my best to save but times are hard. my choices haven't been great these past few years, but I don't like to make excuses so I live with the choices, own up to them and learn. I know what I want though and I'm doing what I have to so I can accomplish what iv set out for myself. I definitely don't want to live with my grandparents the rest of my life although I know they wouldn't mind, buts its been rough on them and I'm not there responsibility. I'm just lucky I have them in my life. I just want to make my family proud and show them I'm serious about what I want to do and actually do it. I guess at this point in my life I have to say they know I'm serious, but actually doing it has been a rocky road for me. I have some training but there's always room for improvement and this would be a great opportunity for me to continue my training at a great school. I'm not a person who asks for handouts but sometimes you have to do what's necessary, and sometimes you have to just swallow your pride. even the greats needed help at some point, and with this site maybe it can work magic for someone with dreams some people would say I'm shooting to high for. acting isn't where it stops, I like to write and I would love to produce and direct at least one movie in my life. being creative came late for me but I realized I love doing it and its something I will do regardless if its professional or not. so with that said, I'm a grateful person and anyone who truly knows me knows iv been pursuing my dream in film for some years now and I would be very thankful for any kind of help. being that I believe deeply in actions speaking louder then words, I still hope iv giving you what was needed to believe in what iv said here. thank you

To view more information on my son's dream and to donate towards the cause click here 

Maurice Williams

Thursday, October 24, 2013


OK, earlier I was sitting hear at my computer just doing what I do best, marketing and meeting new people. You know browsing the Internet as well looking for that one opportunity to make it big. The opportunity that the Lord through my Savior Jesus Christ promised me will come as long as I stay loyal to him. Anyway that's another story in itself. But as I was doing my thing a picture of my little cuz popped up on the computer. Wow I said. what a beautiful young lady.

Just then something hit me. I said to myself, "not to many families are blessed with such good jeans and almost everybody in the family is beautiful. At that moment I decided to have a little fun with this blog and show case the beauty of my family. So hear are some beautiful images that you all will enjoy viewing of my family, Mom side and Dad side. ENJOY.

First I'm going to start with the pic of my beautiful little cousin who inspired me to create this blog.

Liyah , Daughter of my cuz Chyanne Knights dad side

Since I started with Liyah I will continue with her mother. cuz dad side, Chyanne Knights.

Of course my very, gorgeous beautiful daughters Shanice Williams, and Kali Curkendall. my babies. Love you girls. 

Now one of the beautifulest in the family Dad side. My beautiful sister. Sharriea Williams. (The pecan one)

Now my other sister, Renea Anderson, Mom side (The chocolate one, lol)


Another Beautiful little cuz, Dad side Zakiea Williams

Another beautiful cuz, Mom side Lakisha Williams, and her beautiful kids, my lil cuzos, 

Cuz Tia Irvin, from the Irvin family Mom side.

And one of my favorite cuzoits, lol Tanisha Mcgriff and her beautiful little ones. My lil fav cuzooss...

Litttle cuz Prettybrown Shan, Dad side.

Beautiful sisters, my cousins Dad side, Malikah and Kamilah Williams

Ok now I'm going to have to put a hold on the females because If I try to list every beautiful female member of my family, I will be hear for ever. lol, So take a look at a few of the male studs we have in the family. 

Starting with, Quentin Gaskins, dad side, who most likely will be one of the first Celebrities of the family in ufc fighting, hear is an example of what I mean. Click this link and check it out. http://youtu.be/jcbKP73lZjM 

Also check out his recent fight, 15 second knock out, featured on the local news in the home town, Elmira NY. This fight will propel him to pro status http://youtu.be/_5iuXRKAFc4

My very hansom young man, a chip off the old block, my son Maurice J Williams. Another Celebrity in the making, As an actor. 


Have to mention another celeb in the making, my cuz on mom and dad side. Mario jig Williams, Check out some of his stuff. 

Of course my very own brother also is in the ranking to becoming a star. Izreal Williams, Dad side. check out his style.

Also my other little brother, deacon Jamel Lockhart and his lovely wife Venessa and their beautiful kids. 

And what would this blog be without me adding my beautiful mother to it. Beverly Box, my mom, love you mom. 

 And last but not least, yours truly

I hope if your viewing this blog your not feeling any kind of way from all this beauty in my family. Again if I would of tried to list and post everyone in the family I would of been hear for ever. So to my family if your not on hear don't catch no hard feelings because I believe you are all beautiful, I just wanted to showcase a few of us so the public can see the beauty of this family. I'm not saying no one else has beauty in their family, I'm just saying I'm proud of the beauty in mine. love you all and god bless.