Wednesday, February 10, 2016


For the topic of the day I decided to express myself in a blog post. The topic of the day is, well there is actually two topics, DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE BEFORE YOU COME TO A CONCLUSION ABOUT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE and FAKE SUPPORTERS. So there has been a lot going on since I have been involved with IDlife. I have been involved in a lot of events, meetings and speeches and they have all been going pretty good. Actually very well. I have been so excited and have been getting such good feed back on everything that have been caught up in the excitement and I have missed somethings around me. I have overlooked some of the so called support that is actually fake support. This is what I have come to notice in the last couple of weeks.

Now this is nothing I have not experienced before. I know its out there on every corner you turn. There is always somebody that is going to be jealous, hating, or just plain out do not want to see you achieve your goals. Something I have said many times before is anytime someone becomes passionate about something they tend to push it hard. Just remember if you do become passionate about something always always do the research, the due diligence it takes so that nothing or no one can distract you from your passion, from your goals that you are trying so hard to reach.

This is also what kills me about the ones that are supporting you but secretly hating on what your trying to do. They will do a quick research on something your passionate about then come to you with the first negative thing they hear or read about whatever it is you are trying to do. If they were really supporting you they would do more research on what ever the negative was they found on your interest. This is a good video from TD Jakes that will explain exactly what I mean.  In this video he explain the three different type of people who claim to support you. This is a must watch and so true.

I have never heard it explained this way and by watching this video I look back at my life and so much is clear about a lot of the friends I encountered through the years. I can think about a lot of questions I had about certain people that was answered in this video.

So let me concluded with this, I know that there will always be people out there that will support me and some that wont but I no longer concern my self with that because my 'WHY' is so much more important then what anybody thinks or feels about me. I have some very important people counting on me, people that truly love me and support me. It just does not matter to me anymore because I will succeed with or with them certain people.

Idlife and the people behind it has proven to be the best group of people I have ever come across in a long long time. Its hard to find genuine people with a compassion to help others succeed in all areas, physically, mentally, and financially and that is what Idlife represents. I just say thanks to all the non supporters, the haters, and to the ones who fake support me because you guys only make me stronger and give me more motivation to become successful.

One more thing, if you research something, dont stop at the first google information you see whether it be good or bad information, if you really want to know about what ever it is your researching, dig deeper and get all the facts that surround that subject. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE. 

If you would like to know more about idlife and its awesome products and the derived from all natural nutritional program, visit my website at God bless you all and stay safe.

Maurice Williams
idlife independent director

Friday, January 29, 2016


So today I have decided to do something that I am really happy about. I have been taking supplements for sometime now because I have always been into fitness, health and wellness and weight lifting. Its been off and on most of my life but for the most part it has been on a regular basis. I never thought about looking on the back of the bottles most of the time to see the warnings and what kind of ingredients are in them until recently.

I started IDlife a little over three months ago and that's all I been taking. When I look back at the other supplements I have taken I can see now why I either never felt the benefits from them and why periodically I would break out in a rash or itch in certain places for a time period or have head aches or stomach aches ext without explanation. It was because of the the chemicals and synthetic material in all them supplements. Since I been taking the IDlife supplements I have had no side affects at all and I have felt every benefit from them from wieight loss, more energy, better sleep, less stress and the few health issues I have improved tremendously and that's because of the supplements and products are derived from natural ingredients. That goes the same for my wife who have been seeing all the benefits from IDlife supplements and products.

Today we have decided to go into the medicine cabinet and dispose of all the supplement that we have been taking in the past. IDlife has replace all of them and we are happy to be able to say that we will not be taking anything else except IDlife to better our health from this point on.

Also IDlife has a great marketing direct sells opportunity. Many people are becoming wealthier with IDlife. We have 15 ways to get paid. We have the best compensation plan on the planet.

IF you would like to get started with IDlife click hear and take the assessment which will tell you your health score and see how you are doing with your health. Normally to take a test like this would cost you up in the hundreds of dollars but this one is free. I read something today someone said about getting started in a business. Here is what this person said it would take to get started with his company. You need $10,000 to invest to get started in his business. You dont need near that amount of money to invest to get started in your own business with IDlife. Watch our CEO Logan Stout explain the products, how you can get started in the business part of the IDlife and the compensation plan.

Contact me for any questions you may have about this information and on how you can get started with idlife. Click on my link also to get started.

Maurice Williams
IDlife Independent Director

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I been up since 5:30am this morning with a lot on my mind. I have always been the type of person that when I get obsessed with something it affects my mind in an emotional or determined way. So when the obsession woke me up out of my sleep this morning I had to get up and focus on it. So I got up, kissed my beautiful wife, made a cup of coffee and sat here in front of my computer and wrote this blog post. Lately I have become obsessed with something and with that obsession two feelings have surfaced, emotional and determination. Let me explain what I mean.

The obsession is a good obsession I should say first so you wont think that I have lost my mind or became a danger to anyone. The Wikipedia website gives theses definitions for Obsession,

  • An anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts
  • A persistent attachment to an object or idea
  • A preoccupation of mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it
From these definitions of obsession I can look back and say I have had a few obsessions in life.  The first one was when I was a teenager. I was obsessed with becoming a celebrity. I used to do all kinds of things hoping it would bring me fame. Looking back at it now it was quite funny and I can laugh about it. As I aged I became obsessed with being rich. I did somethings back then to get money that I'm not proud of and some I'm very proud of. I quickly lost that obsession though because I could never come up with nothing that was productive enough to be a life time benefit.

In these later years in life I been obsessed with three things. One has been completed and I am working on the other two. The first one was meeting a loving and caring unconditional loving wife. I prayed for it a lot of times within the last few years and the Lord answered my prayer. I was married a little over six months ago, May 9th, 2015 to a awesome woman who is definantly one of a kind and definitely my soul mate. I call her my Angel. You see not only did God bring me my guardian Angel but her name actually is Mrs Angel Williams.

The next obsession I have had in the last few years is being in the gym and regaining my teenage youth and body. I have always been into working out. When I was in school I was very active. I played sports I danced and was just a very outgoing and active youngster. I was in good shape so the older I became and realized how much of that I lost, I became obsessed with getting that back. Now from so many injuries as a youngster and illnesses I acquired from not taking care of myself like I should of, it makes it very hard to accomplish this obsession but let me tell you it has been fun trying to. lol,,

Which brings me to my last and most recent obsession. Because of the all the working out I have been doing lately in this mid stage of my life, them earlier injuries and illnesses have been becoming more and more of a problem. For a while I was looking for something that would help me get these aging aching bones and joints to a point where I can continue to work out and not feel all the pains and fatigue I have been having. Well not long ago a friend from my early days in life contacted me with a opportunity that I have become obsessed with. I woke up early this morning around 5:30am with this new opportunity on my mind really heavy. You see my friend did something no one has ever done for me besides my mother to help me get started in this opportunity. Something that does not happen for no reason. So right then I knew I had to give this opportunity my all. No matter what I had to sacrifice or what anyone said to me about it. I had to become obsessed with it and do what I had to do to make this opportunity work. Also the products of this opportunity called IDlife are some of the best health and wellness products I have EVER come accross. This video will show you what I mean.

This is a self designed nutritional program that has helped me to be able to workout like I want to without all the aches and pains I been going through. When you get up in age and have joint and health issues taking the right nutrition plays a very big part in being able to complete just your everyday activity with good health and energy. Also if you just want to stay healthy or take supplements to help balance your already healthy life, this is what you been looking for. Here is another video of our CEO explaining why IDlife is the best way to go for an natural way of a supplemental program.

So ask yourself, What kind of Life Do You Want to Live? Live the life you've always dreamed of by joining the health and wellness revolution with IDLife. This program offers a customized approach to supplementation and a complete line of high-quality nutritional products. We're not just a new company, we're a movement. So click here and take a free assessment to get your supplements designed just for you.


Maurice Williams.

Monday, November 23, 2015

A new Life, A new you, A heathier you, I have the solution.

A month has gone by since I started one of the best opportunities I have ever been involved in. The products of this company has changed the way I feel in such an significant way. I breath better, I have more energy, and I used to have headaches a lot before taking these products and now I have very few of them. I have been taking this product for only about a month so I know there are more benefits to come from this.

Its been really exciting to be able to meet all the people that are involved with this. Its always good to meet and get involved with people who have the same goals and mind set as you. Like minded people coming together from all parts of the world with the same values in mind.  To get and stay healthy and at the same time helping others find the avenue to take to start their new healthy life.

This opportunity is more then just a health change in your life or the opportunity to make some money. That is just the few benefits that come with this opportunity. This opportunity is a movement. Its a movement towards living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Being able to stay healthy enough to enjoy your family for years to come. Having the financial means to do nice things for your love ones, take nice vacations, having mixers, what the IDlife team calls a get together to discuss the benefits from being a part of the IDlife team.

It always baffles me when I ask someone about their health and they give me answers like "I have no time to go to the gym" or "I try to eat right but I cant" People your health is important and needs to be taken serious.

Listen we all feel down in the dumps at times and think to our selves, "man i wish I could feel better" having no energy feeling tired all the time. Lacking focus during the day. This product can help you feel better, giving you more energy during the day, at work or play. This product is not like walking into a vitamin store and asking the the guy at the counter what to buy to help you and getting the same answer that he gives everyone else. ONE SIZE DOES NOT FIT ALL when it comes to your health. He gives you the answer he gives everyone else because he does not know you, your family history, the medications you take or your daily activity. With This product all you do is take a free assessment and answer some questions about all that information and the exact supplements that you need from your answers will be created for you and will be delivered at your doorstep every month you want to keep taking them, and let me tell you from the way I feel I can confirm that this is the way to go to start towards your goal of feeling better.

I was married a little over 6 month ago and I for sure want to be married for many more years to come. Staying healthier is the key. My wife and I are both involved in Idlife and we both love it. We have more energy then we have had in a long time. With the extra added energy we are also able to enjoy each other with the highest level of energy. Here is a little video I put of our marriage.

So there you go people, its all about enjoying your life, living right and living healthy. In my opinion from all the supplements I have taken and know of, this is by far the only I have ever found to be all natural with no chemicals and fake ingredients. By far the very first opportunity I made money in the first week of joining and the only company I have had a leader help me get started, and has still been there every step of the way. I encourage you if your into health and fitness or even if your not get involved you will not be disappointed. Take your free assessment by clicking the image below and get started on your way to a healthier and happier new you. God bless.

Maurice Williams

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Inventor & Formulator Paul Sullivan on IDNutrition (Must Read)

Eighteen years ago, Dr. Paul Sullivan's daughter was diagnosed with leukemia which sent him on a quest to find customized supplementation to support his daughter during her leukemia treatments. Unable to find anything that was NOT "one size fits all," Sullivan quickly became a student of Compounding and Nutrition and enlisted a team of Harvard-trained scientists to create a state-of-the-art assessment program. This assessment takes into account not only an individual's nutritional intake but also evaluates their medical history and prescription intake to provide the most advanced and customized "nutrition/supplement prescription" possible. Additionally, IDNutrition's assessment is backed by 17 years and thousands of research studies. The assessment is also updated as new research studies are completed, new medications are added to the marketplace and new disease states are discovered. 

An added benefit is that IDNutrition's assessment takes into consideration "chrono biology," meaning what time of day is best for a supplement's maximum absorption and efficacy while being cognizant of any possible pharmaceutical, dietary or lifestyle interactions or contra-indications. In other words, our ID Life Health & Nutrition Assessment is INDIVIDUALLY DESIGNED for our Customer. Sullivan's "Health Assessment" is proprietary to ID Life and we will be the ONLY health and wellness company in the world with the sole rights to utilizing IDLife's assessment in order to customize an individual's nutritional supplement regimen.
Take the free confidential health assessment now!

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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Connecting with Tina Lauchie-Mitchell, a Marketing Power house.

There comes a time in our lives where you make a decision or a move that just feels right. Especially if your trying your best to move up in the world by making important decisions and choices. For all that know me you know that I have been involved in Network marketing for sometime now and have been involved with a lot of companies. I have put in my all many of times only to deal with leaders that are only concerned about them selves. Its bad business and bad leadership. When getting  involved with Entrepreneurship it is something that will, if your serious, keep a burning passion in your heart and the most important aspect of it is to have a good leader.

Well I have been through a lot of leaders and have not been satisfied until now. Not only is my leader now a successful entrepreneur, she is someone I know from my past. Growing up in Elmira NY many of us did not have many opportunities to make it in anything. A lot of us settled knowing that our    opportunities were limited.

Well there were a certain few that did not let the odds of growing up in our small town called Elmira NY distract them from chasing their dreams and doing what they had to do to get out of Elmira and make it

Her name is Tina Lauchie-Mitchell, if your from Elmira NY from back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, you know Tina. She has become a successful Entrepreneur. I have followed her carreer not only because I have been involved in Marketing but because I know we come from the same town, went to school together and shared a few happy memories together and shared the same interest in Entrepreneurship. I have made a major decision to join her to become a team member on her team. Its a major move and for us to connect in business is very important me. Tina has had great success in the marketing field. First starting with a company called 5linx gaining awesome success with this company by becoming a millionaire and now branching off to a awesome heath and wellness company called IDlife. 

Its always a great opportunity to be able to connect with someone as successful as Tina. To have a connection with someone like this, someone you know from your passed and have followed her career you cant go wrong. I have been waiting to connect with her for a long time because I seen her move up in the last company she was involved with and now to be able to join her team in this current  company is a power move. Again she is from the same home town as I am and was able to defeat the odds and become successful. its a pleasure to be on her team and have the confidence of knowing that this is going to be a great adventure. 

So I know there is going to be a lot of old friends and people that will read this blog that knows Tina and my self.. So lets be supportive by giving your feedback on this blog and viewing and researching our business. Especially if your into fitness and wellness this is the right opportunity for you. IDlife is a one in a life time company. The products are designed to fit your life and keep you fit and moving toward your fitness goals. 

Click on the link below and begin your physical life time change. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT..

Thursday, June 12, 2014


WOW!!! This is simply the word I use to describe the first weekend of June this year 2014.

That weekend has marked one of the biggest mild stones of my life. Being able to spend that weekend with a few of my closes friends was great. Being able to get together with friends and make new memories at the age of 44 is something not to many of us can do. We all know friends, real friends are hard to come by and that much more harder to keep after so many years. So when times like this happen it really means a lot to some people. I have shared a lot of this material and pictures on my face book page already so I know some of you are probably saying, "OK I get it, enough with the picks" or " They think they all that" or "Look at them punk ass niggas", excuse my language but unfortunately thats how many people speak these days. Its all good though, you all can say exactly what you like, all I know is to be able to make memories at 44 like the memories you make as teenagers is priceless.

We started the weekend off awesome, first night just kicking it having a few and catching up on old times. Took a couple of pictures and just chilled and enjoyed being able to catch up.

The second day you know we had to get it in. Went to the gym to blow out the biceps and the chest to get us ready for the night out on the town that Sat night at Miami Hard Rock Cafe.

Click the play button on this video and you can see how we got it in once again like we used to do back at the Diamond Gym Days in the EL town.
I don't want you all to take the title of this blog and blow it all out of proportion. We are in no means trying to say we made it to millions or celebrity status, but we did come a long way from where we all pretty much grew up doing things that most people can not make it out of. Growing up in the little town of Elmira NY produced some really bad choices from most of us. Myself who is know as Suga Bear in the town of Elmira, Terrence (Bilal-naji) Jones known as Milk and Kevin Williams better know as Cheese. I'm also not saying we had a terrible life in Elmira either, we made some pretty good memories and had a lot of fun at times, but the choices we made stunted our growth. The Choice to indulge in the street life hindered us from moving forward sooner in life as we should have. So what I mean by the title of this blog is we have come a long way and made it to the point in our life were we now make the decisions not to make them choices anymore that will stop us from moving forward. We are hear at this point, enjoying each others company in our early and middle 40's with promising careers and making new memories. what more can you ask for in life. 
We have decided to get together every year about this time. First weekend of June seems to be the right time to plan this trip. At first we said it would be just a Cheeba Crew Thing. Just to get the cheeba crew together every year to catch up and make new memories, but we have decided there are a lot other friends that we have good memories with from the town of Elmira that we would love to be able to get with and have a great time as we did. This year it was Myself, Milk, and Cheese who put the initial gathering together. We were able to meet up with a couple of old school friends that are already living in the Miami area which were John-Vip Harriel and Derrick Dey Dey Johnson and I can't forget we also had a old school female from back in the day join us. Ayanna Hughey who was also good to see after so many years. And ladies you are also welcome to join us if you like. Just reach out to one of us. There are plenty of ladies from the town that we all have some good memories with as well.
Now let me tell you, Dey Dey is the man, he showed some big love to the fellows and I will never forget that. A true champ and life of the party, I'm really looking forward to being able to ball with him again. Thanks again for showing so much love Dey Dey.
Again instead of just making this a Cheeba Crew Reunion, this is what we are trying to have happen for next year and the years moving forward. To have all the old school fellows start getting together on a yearly basis to make sure we all keep up with each other and start making some new memories. We are all not getting any younger and we all have shared some pretty cool moments together and have built up some pretty good friendships through the years. Through the good times and the bad times if we can still pick up the phone or give a shout out on face book then its worth getting together and making new memories. So moving forward hear is a list of fellows we would like to see join us in the future: 
Avery Ashley, Patrick Smart, Jessie Knocks, Jermey Scharborough, Allen Brooks, Alfie Brooks, Marlow Brooks, Spencer Golden, Alton Thomas, Chris Brooks, Joseph Gaskins, Johnny Moore, and Darron Brooks.
There are alot of other names I did not mention but you know who you are, if your still cool with us then just reach out if you would like to join us on this every year adventure.So listen people, again, friendships are hard to come by. If you have a friend or friends that have been in your life for sometime now and you have made it through some hard times while sticking by each others side no matter what, weather it be borrowing money or going to there rescue or just listening when they need a lending ear and especially when no matter how much time go by without you seeing that person and you can still pick up the phone and call them no matter what, thats a good friend and you should do everything in your power to keep that friend. Be a good friend and always let them know your thinking of them. I know I have a couple of good buddies in these two cats and I'm looking forward to making many more wonderful memories with them.
And lets not forget my new saying, in the words of LIL JOHN, TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!!!!!
Blog Created by MAURICE WILLIAMS and inspired by Terrence (Bilal-naji) Jones & Kevin (Cheese) Williams.