Saturday, October 31, 2015

Connecting with Tina Lauchie-Mitchell, a Marketing Power house.

There comes a time in our lives where you make a decision or a move that just feels right. Especially if your trying your best to move up in the world by making important decisions and choices. For all that know me you know that I have been involved in Network marketing for sometime now and have been involved with a lot of companies. I have put in my all many of times only to deal with leaders that are only concerned about them selves. Its bad business and bad leadership. When getting  involved with Entrepreneurship it is something that will, if your serious, keep a burning passion in your heart and the most important aspect of it is to have a good leader.

Well I have been through a lot of leaders and have not been satisfied until now. Not only is my leader now a successful entrepreneur, she is someone I know from my past. Growing up in Elmira NY many of us did not have many opportunities to make it in anything. A lot of us settled knowing that our    opportunities were limited.

Well there were a certain few that did not let the odds of growing up in our small town called Elmira NY distract them from chasing their dreams and doing what they had to do to get out of Elmira and make it

Her name is Tina Lauchie-Mitchell, if your from Elmira NY or Corning NY, where tina actually grew up,  from back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, you know Tina. She has become a successful Entrepreneur. I have followed her career not only because I have been involved in Marketing but because I know we come from the same neighboring towns and we shared the same interest in Entrepreneurship. I have made a major decision to join her to become a team member on her team. Its a major move and for us to connect in business is very important me. Tina has had great success in the marketing field. First starting with a company called 5linx gaining awesome success with this company by becoming a millionaire and now currently with a awesome heath and wellness company called IDlife. 

Its always a great opportunity to be able to connect with someone as successful as Tina. To have a connection with someone like this, someone you know from your passed and have followed her career you cant go wrong. I have been waiting to connect with her for a long time because I seen her move up in the last company she was involved with and now to be able to join her team in this current  company is a power move. Again she is from the same neighboring towns as I am and was able to defeat the odds and become successful. its a pleasure to be on her team and have the confidence of knowing that this is going to be a great adventure. 

So I know there is going to be a lot of old friends and people that will read this blog that knows Tina and my self.. So lets be supportive by giving your feedback on this blog and viewing and researching our business. Especially if your into fitness and wellness this is the right opportunity for you. IDlife is a one in a life time company. The products are designed to fit your life and keep you fit and moving toward your fitness goals. 

Click on the link below and begin your physical life time change. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT..

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