Wednesday, December 2, 2015


I been up since 5:30am this morning with a lot on my mind. I have always been the type of person that when I get obsessed with something it affects my mind in an emotional or determined way. So when the obsession woke me up out of my sleep this morning I had to get up and focus on it. So I got up, kissed my beautiful wife, made a cup of coffee and sat here in front of my computer and wrote this blog post. Lately I have become obsessed with something and with that obsession two feelings have surfaced, emotional and determination. Let me explain what I mean.

The obsession is a good obsession I should say first so you wont think that I have lost my mind or became a danger to anyone. The Wikipedia website gives theses definitions for Obsession,

  • An anxiety disorder characterized by intrusive thoughts
  • A persistent attachment to an object or idea
  • A preoccupation of mind believed to be firmly resistant to any attempt to modify it
From these definitions of obsession I can look back and say I have had a few obsessions in life.  The first one was when I was a teenager. I was obsessed with becoming a celebrity. I used to do all kinds of things hoping it would bring me fame. Looking back at it now it was quite funny and I can laugh about it. As I aged I became obsessed with being rich. I did somethings back then to get money that I'm not proud of and some I'm very proud of. I quickly lost that obsession though because I could never come up with nothing that was productive enough to be a life time benefit.

In these later years in life I been obsessed with three things. One has been completed and I am working on the other two. The first one was meeting a loving and caring unconditional loving wife. I prayed for it a lot of times within the last few years and the Lord answered my prayer. I was married a little over six months ago, May 9th, 2015 to a awesome woman who is definantly one of a kind and definitely my soul mate. I call her my Angel. You see not only did God bring me my guardian Angel but her name actually is Mrs Angel Williams.

The next obsession I have had in the last few years is being in the gym and regaining my teenage youth and body. I have always been into working out. When I was in school I was very active. I played sports I danced and was just a very outgoing and active youngster. I was in good shape so the older I became and realized how much of that I lost, I became obsessed with getting that back. Now from so many injuries as a youngster and illnesses I acquired from not taking care of myself like I should of, it makes it very hard to accomplish this obsession but let me tell you it has been fun trying to. lol,,

Which brings me to my last and most recent obsession. Because of the all the working out I have been doing lately in this mid stage of my life, them earlier injuries and illnesses have been becoming more and more of a problem. For a while I was looking for something that would help me get these aging aching bones and joints to a point where I can continue to work out and not feel all the pains and fatigue I have been having. Well not long ago a friend from my early days in life contacted me with a opportunity that I have become obsessed with. I woke up early this morning around 5:30am with this new opportunity on my mind really heavy. You see my friend did something no one has ever done for me besides my mother to help me get started in this opportunity. Something that does not happen for no reason. So right then I knew I had to give this opportunity my all. No matter what I had to sacrifice or what anyone said to me about it. I had to become obsessed with it and do what I had to do to make this opportunity work. Also the products of this opportunity called IDlife are some of the best health and wellness products I have EVER come accross. This video will show you what I mean.

This is a self designed nutritional program that has helped me to be able to workout like I want to without all the aches and pains I been going through. When you get up in age and have joint and health issues taking the right nutrition plays a very big part in being able to complete just your everyday activity with good health and energy. Also if you just want to stay healthy or take supplements to help balance your already healthy life, this is what you been looking for. Here is another video of our CEO explaining why IDlife is the best way to go for an natural way of a supplemental program.

So ask yourself, What kind of Life Do You Want to Live? Live the life you've always dreamed of by joining the health and wellness revolution with IDLife. This program offers a customized approach to supplementation and a complete line of high-quality nutritional products. We're not just a new company, we're a movement. So click here and take a free assessment to get your supplements designed just for you.


Maurice Williams.

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