Friday, January 29, 2016


So today I have decided to do something that I am really happy about. I have been taking supplements for sometime now because I have always been into fitness, health and wellness and weight lifting. Its been off and on most of my life but for the most part it has been on a regular basis. I never thought about looking on the back of the bottles most of the time to see the warnings and what kind of ingredients are in them until recently.

I started IDlife a little over three months ago and that's all I been taking. When I look back at the other supplements I have taken I can see now why I either never felt the benefits from them and why periodically I would break out in a rash or itch in certain places for a time period or have head aches or stomach aches ext without explanation. It was because of the the chemicals and synthetic material in all them supplements. Since I been taking the IDlife supplements I have had no side affects at all and I have felt every benefit from them from wieight loss, more energy, better sleep, less stress and the few health issues I have improved tremendously and that's because of the supplements and products are derived from natural ingredients. That goes the same for my wife who have been seeing all the benefits from IDlife supplements and products.

Today we have decided to go into the medicine cabinet and dispose of all the supplement that we have been taking in the past. IDlife has replace all of them and we are happy to be able to say that we will not be taking anything else except IDlife to better our health from this point on.

Also IDlife has a great marketing direct sells opportunity. Many people are becoming wealthier with IDlife. We have 15 ways to get paid. We have the best compensation plan on the planet.

IF you would like to get started with IDlife click hear and take the assessment which will tell you your health score and see how you are doing with your health. Normally to take a test like this would cost you up in the hundreds of dollars but this one is free. I read something today someone said about getting started in a business. Here is what this person said it would take to get started with his company. You need $10,000 to invest to get started in his business. You dont need near that amount of money to invest to get started in your own business with IDlife. Watch our CEO Logan Stout explain the products, how you can get started in the business part of the IDlife and the compensation plan.

Contact me for any questions you may have about this information and on how you can get started with idlife. Click on my link also to get started.

Maurice Williams
IDlife Independent Director

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